Could you briefly describe your project for our audience? The project is labeled as a short film, but it's really just a well produced sketch.
It leans into the thriller/suspense genre but the overall idea of the whole thing is just funny

What were your main aspirations or goals when creating this project?
My main goal was simply to make people laugh. I also just wanted to make something I'd enjoy watching

Share some memorable moments from the shooting process or any pleasant surprises.
A pleasant surprise was how clever my co-star Isaac was/is. He is really responsible for the naturalistic feel at the beginning of the "film". HIRE him...and me.

Who is the primary target audience for your film, and what do you hope they will take away from it? 
 The primary target audience I suppose would be millennials? But obviously I'd like every person on the planet to watch it.
I hope what they take away from this film is that it isn't a good idea to pee on your friends bike.

What makes your project an appealing choice for potential distributors?  I would assume the potential for more 'sketches' that are of an absurdist nature. I do believe that is always relevant.

How would you define your unique filmmaking style, and what distinct qualities characterize your film?
 My film making style...Not sure, I suppose its very blue collar. I just make things the way I'd like them to be and that typically is what a normal human person would like. Humour is something that will be in anything I make.

What inspired you to pursue a career in filmmaking?
 I don't consider myself a filmmaker, but I would love to make more. I wanted to make this because I thought it was funny,
and I haven't booked much acting work lately. I unfortunately don't trust the casting process anymore, so it seems like I need to start making my own work.

Do you have a filmmaker or source of inspiration who has influenced your work?
 I suppose Monty Pythons Flying Circus, Family Guy, SCTV and I think You Should Leave have influenced my style the most.

Share a couple of your favorite films and what resonates with you about them.
  I love Forrest Gump, Dumb and Dumber, Monty Python the search for the holy grail, Johnny dangerously, on the waterfront. I don't know why I like them, I suppose it's because they're great! I love comedy that doesn't take it self too seriously, while also being done at an exceptional level.

Where do you typically find inspiration for your film projects?

I find inspiration in everyday life. For example this particular idea (Wolf Culture) was born out of me peeing on stuff and saying "wolf culture it's mine now". My sketch ideas often come from the idea of if this is true what else is true. My stand- up is created with a similar approach.