Project Title Country of Origin Directors
Melting Skies Switzerland Benjamin Müller
Guide Us Singapore Jiyuan Ler
I am leaving France Raphaëlle Chovin
Jen Ash - Home Is On the Way United States Eddie Rieds
Scegli Me Italy fabrizio fanelli
I am Human - Wolka Poland Daniel Le Hai
Hole Korea, Republic of Wonjin Lee
The Revolution France Jonathan Verleysen
Voice from nowhere Italy Antony Risi, Dennys Risi
HaHaHaHa (Don't you just know it) Ukraine Max Ksjonda
Skeleton in The Cabinet Czech Republic Bedirhan Akcan
Anund Payl (Marine Manasian) Russian Federation Anna Golikova
Tango Heart Spain Bárbara Fdez
Pile - "Loops" United States Joshua Echevarria
That’s My Prayer (Music Video) Italy Armando Pavone
Drawing Your Recurve United States Gustavo García Sierra
Vincent Peirani - JOKERS France Alice Thibault, Thibaut Lurois
Modern Life France Antoine Svolanek
The Reel In the Flickering Light Not Specified Rossa Lundberg
Viento Hielo Argentina Iván Mauricio Razza
Zeke Finn - Long Story Short Sweden René Villar-Rios, Victor Palm


Project Title Country of Origin Directors
Memoirs of Métiers Hungary Krisztian Egry
Idol in a Strange Company Korea, Republic of Minkuen Choi, Yooyoung Koo, Seungyeon Lee
No fags Germany Mirek Balonis, Jutta Riedel
After Tomorrow Brazil Gabriel Panazio
A Royal Marines Disposition United Kingdom Matt Elliott
My Camino Portugal Pedro Gil Vasconcelos
ANJELA Bulgaria Vilma Kartalska
Disco Bloodbath New Zealand Marcus Palmer
AnorMal Spain Luis Galán
Borderlands United States Mackenzie Trudy Baradic
Dordoi city Kyrgyzstan Tomiris Orozoeva
Ecdysis Germany Anna Motzel
Self-portrait with Marcos Santos Brazil Zoran Djordjevic
The Longobard Warrior Italy Simone Vrech
Monument to Love United States Jacob Comforty
Tracking Ceci United States German E Velasco
Until the End Switzerland Oliver Slappnig, Claudia Michel
Lane Bradbury Documentary United States Merivelle Hannah
With This Scar Italy Adamo Pedro Bronzoni
The Aesthetics of the Fight Brazil Guillermo Planel
The Embroideresses Sweden Bo Sjökvist
The Ones Left Behind: The Plight of Single Mothers in Japan Japan Rionne McAvoy
Közüngü Turkey Ahmet Tolga Ayıklar
The Reencounter. 500 years Moctezuma and Cortés Mexico Miguel Gleason
Taiyuan Musical Notes China Qing Li
City Without A Subway 1986 Not Specified Steve Boyle
The Spirit Remains Canada Brian Francis, Mélanie Line Richard
UTOPIA Germany Angela Andersen, Claus Kleber
Joshua Tree Singapore George Arif
Black Milk Italy Fabrizio Tassi
45 Size Heels Turkey HAKAN ERDOGAN
Pteredroma - in search of the Kermadec petrel Australia Stuart Cohen


Project Title Country of Origin Directors
Ed's Last Will United States Lisa Wen Dou, John Xiaoliang Wang
Cells China Sitong Xue
Das Resort Austria Mathias Kessler
Dystopia Cyprus Thanos Angelis
The Bus Stop United Kingdom Ricky Farooqi
In September I dreamt of winter Finland Emil Sallinen
Any Old Sunday France Sebastien Duattis
Julia Spain Víctor Muñoz
FLOW Spain Pablo Soto
Rallou At Home Greece Rena Danilouli
Eunuco Italy Giorgio Perrig
The Library Italy Geraldine Ottier
Deadline To Death United Kingdom
ARCHIMÉTRICA Spain Jose Luis Serzo
Bot The Farm CanadaHenry Sarwer-Foner
Knock Knock Night Not Specified Kaipo Huang
Hero of the Desert Kosovo Lorena Sopi
gam Kkot hyang Korea, Republic of jae hong park
The Gig Sweden Xander Turian
The Longobard Warrior Italy Simone Vrech
"Hallelujah" Spain
The Bohemian and The Young People France Julie Ducrocq
Silent Slovenia Ariana Graph, Ana Roza Cimperman
Shadows Panama Haslam Ortega
BIRDY United Kingdom Cristina Ballesteros
Sunflower Belgium
Memorial Picture House United Kingdom Mia Chaar
Words United States John M Forte
Hush United States Alex Merkin
Morning without Evening Norway Beate Petersen
The One Netherlands Silvester Zwaneveld
Kala Italy Carlo Falconetti
RUE United Kingdom Casey Eldridge
Interlude Slovakia Peter Čermák
Dark Realities United States
PAN United Kingdom Mariana Tavolaro Salek
The Speech China Ziyi Feng
Echo Hungary Daniel Vajda
The Housekeeper Canada Marc De Vinci
Life as I know it Canada Marc De Vinci
The New Beginning Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Tanja Simonovska
The Wheel Singapore RAJITH MOHAN
In The Wash United States Sabrina Velez
Are you asleep? Poland Luiza Komorowska
The Last Star France ValOne
Accident Nocturne United States Jingkun Huang
The Throw (Beyond Borders) Australia ARUN ASHOK
Like any Other New Zealand Bradley Joe Holdaway
Perspectives United States Veronica Nichols
GOING HOME United Kingdom Aineias Babulis
Antechamber France Camille Combes
Terra Sancta Switzerland Andreas Heinrich
Innermost China
Forbidden Love on the Shores of Greece United Kingdom Joshua Bransgrove
A long cherished wish China Zhenyu Chen
Red Pen Morocco Abdou EL MESNAOUI
Bed Heads United States Georgia Peppe
Stationheads Hungary Stu Gamble
Two Dancers One Love United States Denise Blasor
Dreamers @Work Not Specified Amna Ali
Hating Beckett United States Matthew Gossin
Lullaby Japan Fan Shi
The Breeze of Summer Night China Xingyu Chen, Jialong Liu
Start New Game Israel Shai Ezra
The Bill United Kingdom Arturs Gabrans
City of Roses United States LaRonn Katchia
Art of Crossing Poland Tobiasz Wałkiewicz
A Ray of Sunshine Italy Matteo Vanni
Adventures of Aya - Dubai France Christian Ghammachi
I Dare You To Finish This Canada Gio Lucero, Cameron Lin
4TH PASSENGER United States Hector Ballner


Project Title Country of Origin Directors
FRANK Netherlands Julius Kuyper, Jenna Schoon
What About Us France
World Fiction United Kingdom Darryl Duah-Boateng
She is Here United Kingdom Catherine Valve
Chateau Laurier -Season 2 Canada James Stewart
Peanut Butter Canada Maxime Divier
Older Gods United Kingdom David A. Roberts
Hopeful Dark Journey Turkey Kubilay Aksun
Horny Teenagers Must Die! United States David Zagorski
ESTRO Brazil Daniel Tupinambá
ASHES AND BLOOD France Antonio Maria Da Silva
MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE Colombia Carlos Millán, Francisco Zornosa
The Road Ukraine Sergiy Luchyshyn
Wounded United Kingdom Zaheer Raja
Short Stay, Long Stay United Kingdom Danny Carter
Grid Down, Power Up United States david Tice
Òran na h-Eala United Kingdom Steve Exeter
Clowning Around United Kingdom Robert Brown
Blackwater Blues United States Stephen Wise
Cow China ZHELI
No Perfect Memories Bulgaria Dima Proykova, Sonia Panova
The Orchard Canada Kerry McArthur, Mark Wolfe
Rallou At Home Greece Rena Danilouli
The Way You Sea Me Brazil Gabriel Mellin
The Problem With Time Travel United States Mike Kearby
Safely Feel The Real World China Jody Xiong
The Bloom China Jody Xiong
The Longobard Warrior Italy Simone Vrech
Ten Why's United States Juma Emedi
Homeland Kyrgyzstan Mederbek Zhalilov
Bubble United Kingdom Luke Andrews
Tom and Luce France Muxel Paule
Christmas Present Greece Konstantinos P. Kakarountas
Walking Around United States Gilles Bovon
The Appartment France BRUNO CABANIS
To Be Touched Finland Tuulia Soininen
KAYAMAI (in English - "TURPITUDE") India Radhakrishnan Gopal
FOREST ISLAND Japan ryosuke handa
Blades in the Darkness Germany Alex Visani
PAN United Kingdom Mariana Tavolaro Salek
A Ghastly Murder United Kingdom Lauren Lorenzo
Revenge of a Grandmother Switzerland Timur Örge
Good Morning I Love You United States Scott Magid
C'est la vie Poland Jacek Olejnik, Rafał Sankiewicz, Wojciech Sankiewicz, Bartosz Terlicki
Oopsy Daisy Canada Devin Gillis (USA)
Is This Forever Australia Charlie Di Stefano, jonah Mazer
ENSURE United States Rosa Nichols
Phase 10 United States Charlotte Geissler
Are you asleep? Poland Luiza Komorowska
Devil on My Shoulder United States Morgan Simonson
Entitled United States Jen Oh
Nomads Greece Giannis Floulis
Music of Us United States Spencer Kolssak
Oscar's lovers France Lottie Andersen
WALD United States Christian Groen
Sexed South Africa Lydia Anne Stander
Invisible Green United States Dinghui Liu
Modern Life France Antoine Svolanek
What No One Knows United Kingdom Adeoluwa Owu
$TACK$ United States Gerald Webb
Lucinda´s Pandora Germany Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez
AN ANTHOLOGY OF MEN India Aranyak Chakrabarty
Forbidden Love on the Shores of Greece United Kingdom Joshua Bransgrove
The Whispering Chimeras France Jordi Avalos
Man in a Can Belgium Henk Pringels
OPA United States Merivelle Hannah
Bed Heads United States Georgia Peppe
Innermost China
Dilemma United Kingdom Peter J Tisma
A Close Shave Australia Michele Aboud
Old Flames Canada Fugitives
ENTITY LINE United States Samuel Edelsack
twitch New Zealand Suden
Unlock Zindagi India Rajesh Gupta