LOS ANGELES Short Film AwardS


Are you a short film maker who wants to make it big in Hollywood? Then you are at the right address! Los Angeles Short Film Awards - IMDB Qualifying Festival is a unique online film festival in which more than 5000 filmmakers from 105 countries have already placed their trust.

Last year, we honored the directors who were shortlisted for Oscar and BAFTA nominations. Previous winners of our festival are well-know directors such as Benjamin Payet (France), Ben Elie (United States), Baimukhamedov Zhantemir (Kazakhstan), Jeffrey Smith Quizon (Philippines), Robert Berg  (United States), Antonio Perez (Spain), Ed Vela (United States), Alan Sanchez (Mexico) and others. Filmmakers from more than 50 countries have already won awards at our festival. This testifies to the true cultural diversity, which is one of the priorities of the festival.  This is also why our festival is the right place for your film.

How many viewers will see my film? I often hear the answer that the local cinema is small, even if the cinema with a capacity of 100 spectators is full. But imagine that your film can be watched by 1.000 to 10.000 viewers at one time during our online screening. Our festival can do all than, and that´s why we think your film can connect you with hundreds of other filmmakers and producers. Yours can be successful thanks to our film festival.

The festival is particularly interested in projects that offer character-driven dramas, stories focusing on outsiders or underrepresented groups, and narratives depicting interiority and mental subjectivity. Celebrating diversity,LASFA is open to audiovisual projects that showcase unique narratives and innovative storytelling techniques, aiming to highlight diverse voices and perspectives in the realm of film and media.

We ourselves are filmmakers, producers and entrepreneurs. We know how difficult it is to show the world that someone appreciates your work. That's why we came up with a unique project in which we involved several jurors from around the world and created a new opportunity to show your film to the world. Our mission is to recognize talent and passion and to award the best film project.

Our festival can have a greater reach and be more effective for filmmakers than a live screening festival, because nowadays everyone in the world can watch online screenings, not just from one city.

WITHIN 72 HOURS OFFICIAL OR NONOFFICIAL SELECTION + REVIEW + ALL CATEGORIES: Don't you want to wait a few months to find out the results of the festival? We offer you a unique opportunity! Submit your film in this category, which guarantees you maximum value from the festival. You will receive an answer within 72 hours whether your project is in the Official Selection or not. If he is in the Official Selection, it means that he will be able to compete in all categories. And you'll get a 100-word review.

More than 50 categories are available to you! The chance to get GOLDEN SHORTS is really high. DON´T HESITATE AND JOIN US! 

We accept submissions through FilmFreeway. Click on the picture!