Dr. Meleeka Clary

Director and Writer of Three Corners of Deception
Dr. Meleeka Clary was born Meleeka Clary in Boston, Massachusetts to Andrew Lee Clary, Sr. an Entrepreneur and Larriana Clary a model. She is mixed race of Black, Cherokee Indian, and Portuguese.

Meleeka was born into a relatively large family from Mattapan, Ma. She was the 6th child of 8 in a blended family with 2 step siblings. Her childhood was marked with occasional tough times. Her father was a dreamer. But like any man in the 60's he fell into life's challenges with the street hustle and retail business with the company of substance abuse to cope. However, he had a great mind with full of wisdom and believed in a never to stop trying to succeed to your greatest abilities. Her mother was a reserved, religious, Christian woman that fell in love with one man, her father. However with his issues and challenges in his life her love for him led to a nervous breakdown and later on diagnosed with depression due to her over committing herself to him and loved him too much. Her parents did the best they could in raising their children within their means. Meleeka was a mommy's girl and was reminded by her father due to her looks and demeanor, of her mother. Her father was the best dad he could be and instilled a business attitude in his children, he raised his children with great intentions to be independent although some ethics was not all the best but he was always there as a father; he adored her mother deeply. She dealt with the normal sibling rivalry as not all siblings will get along. This led to a self confident woman with full of Independence and no nonsense attitude. Both parents saw Meleeka's creativity and talent in tap, ballet, and jazz. She was enrolled in Vicki's School of Dancing and Acting at the age of 8 where she began to create and develop her craft in dance. At the age of 13 she was discovered and picked to play "Harriet Tubman" in her middle school play. She was then picked by her instructors to participate in a nonverbal drama role and she excelled to the finest. During her upbringing, both parents became very ill and her older brother, Andrew Lee Clary, Jr. raised her through high school. As you could imagine, this left Meleeka in a difficult situation and she moved out on her own at the young age of 17. She dropped out of Brighton High School in Brighton, MA to focus on work to make ends meet for herself. At age 18 her father passed away from a bleeding ulcer at the age of 52. Her mother was then diagnosed with depression and Meleeka then began to take care of her mother who moved in with her. After going through the death of her father and having to now take care of her mother, Meleeka realized the value of a high school education and re-enrolled in Madison High School, Roxbury, MA to get her high school diploma. This was something that her father always wanted, along with taking care of her mother and she fulfilled both promises to him. She enrolled in night school and worked several jobs during the day and weekends. She was a determined young woman who was going to do whatever it took to get on top. She became a real estate investor and bought her own home at the young age of 21. She invested in real estate and continued to pursue her acting and dancing career but left the industry after a several of years due to sexual harassment threats. She graduated from High School at the age of twenty. She became pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl. She was accepted into Newbury College to study Criminal Justice to earn an associate's degree. She continued her education at Curry College and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. Then went on to receive her Masters in Criminal Justice as well at Curry College. She earned a para legal degree from Northeastern University. Six years later she gave birth to another beautiful girl at the age of 27. During this time with raising 2 kids, taking care of her mother and college degrees under her belt, Meleeka held three separate jobs to provide a lavish lifestyle for her children and mother. She got engaged and was then accepted into Concord Law School and completed one year. She moved to Indiana and soon got married. Due to the lack of marital support her grades suffered and she was placed on academic probation by Concord Law School. She got pregnant and had a difficult pregnancy that led to over 7 surgeries including congestive heart failure. However, the baby boy was born with no complications. It was a handsome little boy. She was then divorced 1.5 years later due to Three Corners of Deception (2020) So she now had 2 girls and 1 boy, her mother to care after, and now a single mom . She then realized she needed to understand the human mind and pursued a degree in Clinical Psychology. She is now in a good place in her life, very happy, and pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Walden University. She also has resumed her acting and modeling career with several projects in the works. she is determined to get it back on top again.

"Three Corners of Deception" is a story about how a college law professor and an attorney fell in love over a Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend. They got married shortly thereafter, then started a family only to realize he wasn't the man he said he was and a complete manipulation of the relationship occurred. The marriage ended hastily after a year, only to be carried out in a court of law that brought even more deception than what was originally thought. Eventually the court would rule against the mother in all areas due to judicial deception with judges, lawyers, and lawmen involved. They were part of the "good ol' boy network."—Meleeka Clary

Your film is entered in our Best Director Award. What is your film about?
A College professor who goes on a memorial weekend get a way with her friends. She meets several people during her trip, but encounters a breath taken individual who she describes an Angel from "God" she thought. She was infatuated by everything he said and did. As a result, she developed a future with this interesting person. Unfortunately, at a later time in her life she finds out he is just a manipulator far from the true. She realized what happened; so she tried to get away but more deception developed and it became "Judicial Deception in Hamilton County Superior Courts" because this individual was an attorney of law too.

What are your ambitions with your project?
I am trying to contribute towards a social change in this world from my experiences. So change can happen for anyone who might or are going through something similar by letting them know they are not alone.

How was the shooting? What pleasantly surprised you?
Some shooting of the scenes were very challenging. Since "Three Corners of Deception Movie" is based on true events there were some political challenges during the filming of the court scenes. The reasoning was other court officials did not want these individuals being exposed for their "Abuse of Power. However, I followed the right procedures and there were no pushbacks there so I prevail. I guess I was surprised because I pay taxes. I should be able to utilize the courtroom with no problem regardless if I am shooting a movie scene or not because the court house is govement owned.

For what target group is your film?
Drama, Romance, inspiration and social justice.

How would you specify your work? What characterizes your film?
A woman of color who tries to find love; but have to explain the meaning of love and devotion in something that is much more dear to one's heart.

Why did you decide to become a filmmaker?
I needed my voice to be heard. There are many judicial officers who prey on the weak and I am one of them. I believe if you are gifted with judicial powers; then one should use them to help another not abuse them because they can. The bible said " Judges are supposed to be partial to civilians and I am one of them!

Who is your greatest role model?
"God and the son Jesus Christ"!

 Which movies are your favorites? Why?
The movie "Lean on Me" the fight was real by teaching these children who felt that they could not be anything if they tried. The actor "Morgan Freeman displayed such an amazing strength and survival during his performance.

 Where do you look for inspiration for your films?
My life experiences in this world has so many obstacles that I face daily. So I try to incorporate those that I survived. I definitely think that overcoming those challenges mentally is inspiration to keep moving forward.

How would you rate current filmmaking?
I really can't because at the end of the day filmmaking is an art and it is one's vision.

What are your next projects?
The Boston Girls!