New York Film & Cinematography Awards 2024 OFFICIAL SELECTION

Project Title Country of Origin Directors
Fractured Turnstile United States Trenton J Brisco, Joseph Charafi
Silent Partners United States Jorge “Jokes” Yanes
Suit Casing United States Jorge Yanes
PRESENT Canada Li Lin
Mister Pink Australia Grant Buse
 The Carthusian Cloistered Monastery Korea, Republic of Dong-il KIm
HOME Japan Kazumi Shimizu
AI vs Deep State Hungary Katalin Weith
Liberation Netherlands Amit Bar
Family Portraits Canada
Carlo Germany Christian Kalnbach
Elbow China Xinyu Li
Dark Alley United States
ELUSIVE United States
Aleksandre- a thievish life Switzerland Elionor Buholzer
Bonifacio – Founding Father of Brazil Brazil MAURO VENTURA
#WAY_Aurelio Germany Alan Rexroth
Mercedes - Economics of Desire Germany Alan Rexroth
Jesucristo Flamenco Spain Laura Muñoz Liaño
In Vitro United States Benjamin J Hathaway
Rosso Veneziano Italy Baldassarra Anne Franchetti
Vaklush Bulgaria Nikolay Vasilev
Do Not Answer United States Kenzie J. Illnest
Kill Two Birds United States Marjoe Aguiling
The Woman in The Room United States Danny Donnelly
Another Day Mexico Luis Enrique Jiménez
BLOOD ON MY HANDS Austria Martin Kober
Carmilla China Zhang Wenbo
The Prison United Kingdom
Your move, my lady Czech Republic Tereza Hirsch
Once A Thief United Kingdom
Disco Bloodbath New Zealand Marcus Palmer
Your Cinema Needs You Canada Luke Fandrich
Broken France Olivia N'Ganga, Mikaël Dinic
Group United States William R.A. Rush
Girl With A Cigarette Earring United Kingdom E E Martin
Chengzi_1 China Zongsheng Fu
The Tableherder Russian Federation Aleksandr Tretiakevich
Learn to love to wait France Marcelo Paganini
kairos United States Melanie S Armer
A Safra United Kingdom Aroa Fuentes
Invisible Chord India Rajesh Roy
I had a dream Ukraine Svetlana Telbukh
Out Line United Kingdom Ben Harlan
The Unsilenced Women's Empowerment And The Battle For Survival Nepal Tosit Ghatane
In The Hood Bulgaria Anichka Banichka
The Strangers' Case Jordan Brandt Andersen
Celine United States Humberto De Luna
The Needle & the Damage done United Kingdom Kevin Molony
Red Flag Not Specified Kate Kulp
Frankenstein United States Joe LoBianco
The Saint of Varet India Munnawar Shamim Bhagat
George Hobbs: Stick Figure Wisdom United States Armin Nasseri
Be The Change (Official Music Video) Canada Jeremy Fruhner-Travers
Flight animal Sweden Mikael Palm
ANTIQUARIUS Poland Jacek Krawczyk
10, AUTUMN STREET Romania Theo Herghelegiu
DRAGON New Zealand Daniel Belton
Crazy United States Alya Michelson, Dilia Alshina
Rantemario Indonesia Indra J Mae
DISCOVER KENYA Tanzania, United Republic of Arjav Vyas
Devil's Paradise Georgia Khatuna Vashadze
The Stone Putter Sweden Nils Agdler
Seeking Thomas United Kingdom Julia Lisa Zlotnick
One room life: before and after Ukraine Antonina Tsurkan
ZURI France Gabriel Souleyka
Cock Robin United States Frances Barth
Paranoia United States John Herndon
AND THERE'S SOMEONE Italy Stefano Giannotti
A Day of Peace Italy Igor Borghi
He is not my son Spain Antonio Orbe
Your Choice United Kingdom Barbara Spevack
Mailbox United States sal cirmi
Final Girl Not Specified Sabrina Pate
Princess Zarabanda Honduras Omar Carias
The Last Trip Australia Amanda Dow
The Wastelander - Sector 23 United Kingdom jonathan bentley
Hard Times In The Deep South United States Rick Revel, Kevin Kehl
History Highway United States Rick Revel, Ken Andrus
The Wonders Of Life Spain Harley Monleón
Until Withering China Xinyu Zhang
Unadventurers - Season 3 Brazil Lucas Durão, Fai Mazell, Alex Reis
Russian exiles in Malta Russian Federation Maxim Ryzhakov
My Portrait Not Specified Karim El Masri
Homeless Kwon Jenny Korea, Republic of Jennifer Yoojung Hwang
《Time Travel》 China 遥 徐
The Message Austria Reinhard Koller-Astleithner
Band Boy United States Sandy McKnight
The New Human Germany Marcel Barsotti
Cod&Chips Ireland Matt Pidgeon
The Pill United States Mayedurimi Andrea Larotonda
Corpse in the basement Poland Damian Matyasik
Fisherman's Song United States Frank Joseph
Abandoned Adopted Here United Kingdom Lucy Sheen
Ukraine : Hope Amidst Chaos United States Danny Tirmizi
Enthusiasm Feature Teaser United States Anthony Burkhalter
01800-SIN-MIEDO Mexico Max Yaffe
Dirty Guacamole Spain Marta Tchai
Qalandar India Prashant Rana
Sahastraar India Prashant Rana
Project Pick Up United States Faivale Atualevao
Echoes United States Gong Cheng
Invisibles México Mexico Rafael Franco Gomez
Yellow Daisy Butterfly South Africa Diek Grobler
Gabe Lopez - "High 4 U" Official Music Video United States Grady Goff
Cuban Women in Jazz! Germany Jack Scannell
The Moonman China Xi Wenting
Conficted India Ginita Sunaina
Uski Hmm Ki Aankh India Ginita Sunaina
Chikna Munda India Ginita Sunaina
LOVE IS MY GUN United States
Il futuro perduto Germany Matthias Müller
Under Surveillance Brazil Joao Paulo Vicente
House of Switzerland Switzerland Bernie Forster
Litium Sweden Peter I Östlund
On Borrowed Time United States Dan Whitzer, Alec Pezzano
Märchen United States Bibiana Eichenberg Pinto
L'amour est temps de reflets France Yann Richebourg
Friendly Neighborhood Poltergeist Australia David Mace-Kaff
Log Diaires: Desertion - Kayıt Günlükleri: Terk Ediliş Turkey EMRULLAH ÖZCAN
Liminality United States Sabrina Dubner
The Soul of the KATANA Japan Hideyuki Kawatani
End of Trip - Sahara Spain Antonio Rodríguez Cabal
BONNIE & CLIVE United Kingdom Kevin Short
Dor (Longing) Czech Republic Jakub Duchoslav
Ritual Poland Grażyna Maria Gudejko
Sunken Treasures of Love Germany Andreas Schumacher
The 4 kings, the sanctuary in Halmahera sea Spain KARLOS SIMON
Yesterday's Snow Germany
Sins Of Birth United Kingdom neer human
Symphonic Fantasy : Cine Concert with Animation and Orchestral Magic Singapore susan Mey Lee Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, Christina Teenz Tan
The Other's Words France Corentin BURGUIERE
Maimulu Italy Andrea Vacca
Another Christmas in Manhattan Austria Sandeep Kumar
Gonzo's Temporary Family Japan JUN YORIKO
Ghosts of the Outback Australia Abigail Robinson
ESTELLE France guy mazarguil
ENORA France Thierry BOURCY
Flames of Fury Canada Gloria Yazdani
The Fork in the Road Australia CAROLYN JENNIFER CORKINDALE
Jesucristo Flamenco Spain Laura Muñoz Liaño
Axé, Salvador! Italy Domenico Rodolfo Grillone
Adapting To Dive United States David Marsh
That Monster Gang United States David Giardina
AMENDS OF THE FATHER United States Stephen Sorrentino
The Life Taiwan Chi Fan Wang
Phoenix Incident - Festival Cut United States Keith Arem
Then is Now United States Brad Cook
A Matter of Perspective Austria Gerda Leopold
Chop Chop! United Kingdom Chris Wilkinson
 The Oceans Legend : The Ruins of Time France Rémy LAFAURIE
A_biography France Alexander Schellow
WordLotto - Pilot United States Johnny Baca
SOUNDING LOUD Spain Javier Jiménez Alfar
The Disconnection Canada Frank Metivier
Salvar Korea, Republic of Sangwook Ahn
The Doctor Russian Federation Artyom Temnikov
Stupor Mundi Italy Giovanni Troilo
Asherah's Colors United States Gary Mazeffa
Far From the Nile United States Sherief Elkatsha
For the Greater Good United States Michael Gavino
Behind The Trees United Kingdom Bertie Stephens
Cid United States Michael Robert Kindelan
Blessed Unrest United States Mari Bonnemaison
I am the Camera Brazil Nathalie S. Fari
What a Match Sweden Björn Granberg Ahlmark
The Neighborhood Storyteller United Arab Emirates Alejandra Alcala
Brimming With Life Australia Anthony Heffernan
Testimonies 710 Israel kobi yonatan
ON THE OTHER SIDE Bulgaria Nikolay Rusakiev Rusakiev
Custaryans Netherlands Sanne Kortooms, Timon Moll
BORGES Italy Andrea Cramarossa
I love you Germany Rafael Maria Friebe
Down In Flames; The True Story of Tony 'Volcano' Valenci United States William Joseph Stribling
DLG United States Anthony B. Frazier
The Audition United States Shanaan Speed, Ricardo Nicasio
Hamlet Within United Kingdom Ken McMullen
Land Of Joy United Kingdom Anastasia Sitnina
Lost Cos United States Robin de Levita
kissing the wall Israel Yehuda Udi persi
The volcano and the baby Switzerland Danielle Jaeggi
The Color of the Evening Sky United States
Catharsis, Ascension and Hell Raving Italy Andrea Sardu
 Diana from Hong Kong Japan Naoki Fujimoto
The Cow Ireland Justin John Carroll
KG145 China William Zhang
An impossible secret United Kingdom Sofia Sotiria Mavrou
Heart of the Healer Canada MJ Politis
The needles of the Meuse Netherlands Moniek van de Vall, Kees van der Vooren
HELLO JINDAGI /LIFE United Kingdom Everest Surya Bohara
Sarah Mexico Juan Meraz
Don't Mess with Shiva Part 1 Canada Lorenzo West
Shahroor Palestine, State of Yafa Ezzat Shahroor, Mo'men Ghanim Hasanain
The Most Beautiful Place On Earth Germany Enrico Saack
O Come Emmanuel Not Specified Barry Atticks
UK Ugly Man United Kingdom Benedict Coen
Ophelia United States Catalina Gutierrez
No Mercy Sweetheart United Kingdom Antonio Piras
Then & Now United States JD Arredondo
SYNESTHESYA Italy Gianni Salamone, Marzio Benelli
Aleksandre- a thievish life Switzerland Elionor Buholzer
VERITY CIRCLE Austria Robert Hofferer
Pandemic Trilogy United States Yan Cui
Incidents Denmark Martin Strange-Hansen
Love of Magdalena Ireland Iva Kevra
The Model Maker - Constant Willems Netherlands John Post
Until death do us part Argentina MARIANA Gandolfo
Burnout Index Chile Francisco Bilbao Zolezzi
Journal of My Other Self United States
Happy Birthday, Girl! Brazil Luís Carlos Soares
Enamour United Kingdom Doulla Panaretou
RedSin: Martyrs of Dissent United States Chris Ortiz
I Will Remember What I Forgot United States Heidi Duckler
Louder Than Rock United States Valerie J Tucker
Hunger To Win United States Alexander Constantin Strother
Castle Gillian: An Irish Tale Australia Victor Nigel Kazan
THE FLY BACK: Restoring Territorial Rights in the Ucayali Basin United States Reynaldo Antonio Morales
BLU-SWING / BLUE MOON (Music Video) Japan Shigehito Kawada
Phantoms of the sea Uzbekistan Andrey Arutyunov
Pensioners Chips Episode 5 US Presidential Campaign Germany Joachim Weber
Breakup Belgium Marc Reinbold
Curating Grief: Loss and Objects United Kingdom Jamie Max Lee
SCISSORS China Tanweihua weihua Tan
Shumisen town Japan 直隆 遠藤
The King's Friend Kazakhstan
The Sound of Cologne Germany Kristina Schippling
CURSED Albania Artan MAKO Maku
You Don't Know Me Puerto Rico Coco Bigles
Crushed Not Specified Coco Bigles
Potato Sweden Birgitta Liljedahl
In search of Silvery Snot Spain Víctor González Rubio
Opia United States Emily Cerutti
Cosmo United States Thomas Thomas
One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix United States Craig Stephen Raymo
Olvidado United States
No Way Out Canada Gabor Gasztonyi
Hinter-Land Canada Christopher Angus
Richard Spong United States
Laundromat Japan Hiroshi Takahashi
Road.Dogs Australia Ez Eldin Deng
The Smith Bulgaria Desislava Chuturkova
Look Into a Whale’s Eyes Ukraine ANDRII ANDREIEV
Peak Ireland Morgan Mescal
Just Try United States Dustin Hawkins
Shoes United Kingdom Denise Rose
I SWEAR * Belgium Nathan Hey
Morecambe United Kingdom Seb Morgan
Delivery United States Hsin Ting Lin
Nie wieder nach Haus Germany Jakob Reuter
Moonflight Germany Christian Thamm
AFIRE Pakistan Farhad Riaz, Ahsen Murad
SACRED SUN United Kingdom
The sweetness of doing nothing Italy Vittoria Giacomini
My Father Moves Mountains United States Andria Litto
UMBRA / Eclipse of the moon Poland Urszula Nawrot
Teddy Show New Zealand Yalin Zou
Tom and Luce France Muxel Paule
JAUNATIS无尽之始 China bingqing bingqing mou
Chronicles of Art-Tech Fusion United Kingdom Swen Werner
Clay United States Max Baker
Rescue Me United States P.J. Bracco
Hypnotica Canada Juan Carlos Huerta
Jasmine 茉莉花 Ireland Ellen Costa
Say My Name Australia Rhoyce Nova
A Wonderful Way with Dragons United States Delfine Paolini
Moonlight Warrior China Hong Ying
"Storm Warning: Walther Webber's 15th Birthday" United States SAUL BRAUN
Age of Consent Canada Katherine Gauthier, Ben Sanders

The Stalker- Virtual play- film noir United States Emily Kathleen
A Poet's Childhood - Awakening to Consciousness - Elizabeth Martina Bishop United States Vibhas P A Kendzia, Elizabeth Martina Bishop
Yearling United States Kerstin Schaars
CaSSIS. Mars Demystified Switzerland Tatiana Keller
Good Girl United Kingdom Law Ballard
Who is God? Mexico Oscar Adan Lopez Parres
Eicha: The Book of Lumenations Not Specified Adeena Michelle Karasick
Dior Lover_Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare Not Specified Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare
The way of Mizoguchi Italy Danilo Del Tufo
Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist United States M Kaplan
FOREVER LOVE Italy Mariano Tamburrini
2Moebius: Adventures in Monsterland United States Larry Guernsey
PASOLINEIDE - the Roman adventure of Pier Paolo Pasolini (eng) Italy Mauro Paracini
Adrift Switzerland Craig Murley
The White Rider: Chains & Revenge United States Sean Hunt
I'm Jit and I'm an alcohlic United Kingdom Derek Roberts
Covid-19 vs The Magic City United States Paul Brenno
Bat Diary Italy Silvano Plank
ICEBERG Colombia Ricardo Delgado
Exquisite Corpse United States Laura Ellen Di Trapani
Graveyards (Cimetières) France Henri-Pierre Juguet
Sabbath Mexico Carlos Pelayo Gutiérrez Nakatani
The Ordinary in the Hidden United Kingdom Swen Werner
E65 Germany Alex Reutter
"My Heart Has Left Its Dwelling-Place..." // "Душа Моя Ушла из Дома..." Georgia Meruvet Bakenbaeva
Atomic Rocketeer United States Larry L. Sheffield, Trent J DiGiulio
Asamana Anasuya ( Incomparable Anasuya) India Seetha Ratnakar
DLG United States Anthony B. Frazier
HOMOOÚSIOS. Celebration in the bath.Short film by Edmund Kurenia Italy Edmund Kurenia
Screen Time Canada Dmitrii Brazhenko