Are you a filmmaker seeking a festival that genuinely connects you with the heart of the film industry? Look no further! The New York Film and Actress Awards is a distinguished online film festival, offering independent filmmakers from across the globe a stage to showcase their creativity and engage with industry experts.

Last years, we celebrated directors who were in contention for Oscar and BAFTA nominations. Our festival prides itself on a professional evaluation approach, assessing the technical craftsmanship, conceptual depth, dramatic arc, tone, scriptwriting, conflict, authenticity of action, acting performances, and all the intricate details that make up your film.

The festival operates seasonally, with four cycles: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. At the end of each year, we host a grand screening event.

With over 5,000 filmmakers from 120 countries already placing their trust in us, we understand the challenges and expenses tied to completing a film project. As former filmmakers ourselves, we've faced the limitations of traditional festivals that often offer minimal industry connections. At the New York Film and Actress Awards, we transcend merely showcasing your film – we connect you with the film industry.

We are filmmakers, producers, and entrepreneurs who comprehend how tough it is to gain recognition for your work. That’s why we devised a unique project involving international jurors, providing a fresh opportunity to present your film to the world. Our mission is to identify and honor talent and passion, rewarding the finest film projects.

Our festival's online format allows for a broader reach and can be more effective for filmmakers than traditional in-person screenings, as viewers worldwide can participate.

Supporting independent film means discovering talent and assisting emerging filmmakers in finding their place in the film market. Join us at the New York Film and Actress Awards and let your work shine on a global stage.

We accept submissions through FilmFreeway. Click on the picture!