What topic do you discuss in your script? And why?
Themes of gaslighting, romanticising, the perilous of the digital dating age, self esteem - all these are interconnected when it comes to our relationships and especially romantic ones. To have relationships is to be human so they always impact us.
Do you think that films can change people for the better or for the worse?
I think as long as a film is moving you on the emotional spectrum it's doing its job.

According to 3-act dramaturgy, how would you define your story?
A man and a woman meet with instant chemistry and connection, the relationship deepens via social media and phone/video calls and starts to get one sided
and then things take a drastic turn when it becomes a reality in person.
What actors do you imagine in your project (typologically)?
I'd love to see jenifer connelly and jared leto reunite for a hearbtreaking tale like this but i have used local nYC actors curry whitmire and victoria nieves for shooting a proof of concept.

Why do you think your script should attract director?
The more these scripts are put on the screen we have the ability to heal from these new world orders of navigating social media and love
At which festivals did you receive the award?

Heartbreak Under a Neon Streetlight - Drama

Gil international screenwriting   

New york indepent screen awards - qarterfinalist 

houston international film festival quarter finalist  

Massachusetts Independent Film festival
Official Selection 

Paramount Film Festival - Los Angeles
Official Selection 

DraftOut Screenwriting Festival
Official Selection

Swedish International Film Festival
Official Selection

WRPN Women's International Film Festival
Official Selection

Paperscreenplay Festival
Offical Selection

Athens International Art Film Festival)
Honorable Mention

International Screenwriting Competition

Which screenwriters are your favorite and why?
Jane Campion for how she tells deep connections of love and its many aspects and its hard to go past Aaron Sorkin for his witty dialects.

About  which topics are your screenplays?
I like drama and connection and how it manifests differently within all of us.

What motivates you the most to write screenplays?
To connect and to feel something unexpected.

What are your plans in future careers?
To keep on writing and try some new genres!

Heartbreak Under a Neon Streetlight
Written by Jen McAuliffe

After a gruelling COVID lockdown, Tess exists Australia to the USA on what should have been the trip of a lifetime ...but after she meets her love interest in person, things taken an unexpected turn