Project Title Country of Origin Directors
Drama Life China Bo Yao
RED United States
The Market Canada Lulu (Jung) Chen
My Town United States
GHOST TOWN, NM United States
Gold In Them Hills United States Jeremy Johnstone
The shards of our love Austria Martin Kober, Yasemin Hickl
Crayola Zen United States
A tablespoon of honey Japan Takuya Hotori
By Any Other Name United Kingdom Daniel Deville
Ave Gradiva Israel yuri riklis
Death of Nazarene Germany Pedram Taghavi
OKMO France Lola Dubettier, Romain Perset
Hide and Seek China Pengyu Lyu
You Are Not Alone United States David Corey Trisko
 Goodbye, Woojoo Korea, Republic of Dahyun Jeon
The Whisper of the Wood Italy Mauro Pala
Love's Got Me Blind Brazil Cecilia Saraiva
WILD IN THE MOUNTAINS. Meditations on hunting Austria
THE EARTH’S SHADOW Brazil Marcelo Domingues
Photographers in Focus - Abdo Magdy Turkey Mohamed Jad
One for the other France Philippe Michel
The Hourglass Switzerland Alexandre Bilardo
The Devil Pulls the Strings United States
Starchaser United States Anne Elise Domning
Beyond the Farm United States Allison Fraidenburg
Lapavooni Finland Mikko Kontio
Bambi: Cigarette Hungary Előd Marosvölgyi
PETIT SUISSE France olivier sautet
ReWARlution Israel Eugene Sokolenko
VILAINS United Kingdom Emmanuel Berthelot
Life United States
Ministry of Surf United States Collins Reagan
Corazón United States
Parabens Czech Republic Michael Bukovanský
Counterpart United States Ethan Grover
"THE PIXIESTICK INCIDENT" United States Michael Henry
"Child of the Shroud" United States
Under Tension France Mireille Fiévet
Orpheus United Kingdom Guy K Ward
Mental Soirée Spain Alberto Arellano
See Me As I Go United Kingdom Jamie Johnstone
Danger United States Ned Stresen-Reuter
Appearances Canada
The Visit United States
First mobile phone call in the history Netherlands Bahram Sadeghi, Cristina Garcia Martin
Observation Israel Maya Manor
John's Journey United Kingdom
Dragons United Kingdom Tyrese Shipp
Golden Ties Ireland Michelle Bardon
Deer Bell Hungary Edit Jakab
I SWEAR * Belgium Nathan Hey
Tapping Black Boots Slovakia Kaoru Furuko
Ten out of the Ten Hungary Imre Mazlo
Emma Who? United States
The Past Taiwan Jin Hsueh
TALK United States Zishan Sun
Ugly United States Bella Maori, Alyse Riley
Wandering Israel Mia Levi
The Reencounter. 500 years Moctezuma and Cortés Mexico Miguel Gleason
Call me Damien Austria Sonja Mayer
A Father's Job Germany Frank Christian Wagner
The Walk Germany Jonny Stern
The Void Italy
Meera India Dilip Harnarayan Dixit
Edgar Not Specified David Willer
Flying in the Grey Macao YIJIAN JIANG
The thousand forms of Pinocchio Italy Luca Bazzini
Pushing The Boundaries:The Mavis Bramston Show Australia Stephan John Wellink
Sh'ma United States Suki John
Shahroor Palestine, State of Yafa Ezzat Shahroor, Mo'men Ghanim Hasanain
The Herp United States Fern Poppy
My Baby France John Dada
Vampire United States Persia White
Reue - Regret Germany Duc Bao Bui
KELP! United Kingdom Caylon Jasmine La Mantia, Anna Roberts
Ahoy for Joy United Kingdom
Smile Mask China Yuanyuan Lu
Dumb Phone United States Boris Sapozhnikov
SUBSTRATUM Australia Harvey Otto Abrahams
The End of the World Czech Republic Aleksandra Podziewska
#instaboys United States
Tomorrow if all goes well Belgium Ivan Goldschmidt
Alle cinque su Marte Italy Marvin Miller
REBIRTH United States Siyu Wang
Flight Australia Jacqueline Muehlke
RUKA Zimbabwe Fungai Sarah Muzoroza
The Moments That Make Us United States Pavleena Naegele
The Loss of Innocence Italy
Outside Francisque France Francisco Del Ryo
The Girl Next Door China Qizhen Wang
ULTRAVIOLET Canada Isaiah Dunk
The Ring Iraq Ahmad Hatem Alhasani
A Curious Woman United States Kelby Thwaits
A Season For Wolves United States
BAD DAY! United States
Demo Reel United States Chris Diamond
Andrea Alive United Kingdom Wolfgang Christian Hans-Joachim Stegemann
La Villa Not Specified Bill E Webb


Project Title Country of Origin Directors
Day - 9 United States Dastan Khalili
THE MONGREL. PILOT "The Seed-Bearers." Web Series.   United States
Detour Hungary Péter Bence Ocsenás
OKMO France Lola Dubettier, Romain Perset
Ma tutto questo Alice non lo sa ?! Italy Alessandro Carrieri
Teacher Problems United States
Beguiling United States
The New Boyfriend Australia Riley Maguire
You Don't Know Jack: Paid in Full Not Specified Tremayne Goff
The Whisper of the Wood Italy Mauro Pala
Northern Performance Finland Juuso Koivisto
Happen to Happen Korea, Republic of Julie Joohee Jeon
The Wooden Leg Ireland
Safe House Not Specified
Weil Ihr Nur Eure Hunde Liebt (Cause You Only Love Your Dogs) Germany Chehad Ali Abdallah
Fili United States Peter Filimaua
Beyond the Farm United States Allison Fraidenburg
HIS FOOL HER FOOL United States Egypt Robinson
Kallithea Springs Of Rhodes Greece Stamatis Liontos
Pampero Argentina
The Lost Camp United States
Precious Balance Walk Sweden Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen
The Visit United States
Interrogation United Kingdom Steve Garratt
Staying Silent United Kingdom Luke Maund
Perfect Strangers Japan DAISUKE KAMIJYO
Heroes of Bronze - The Memory Czech Republic Martin Klekner
Ancora Canada William Marty Charest Léveillée
Bird Czech Republic Kalina Lukanova
Postage Due United States
To Be... United Kingdom Rebecca Hardy
Space Station Village EP6: The Carved Agreement Taiwan Yi-Feng Kao
b3stm4t3 Italy
The Prince's Dilemma United States Devin Rowe
The Irrepressible Denmark Stefan Köhler Pellegrini
Five Questions United States David Arrow
Happy Meal Israel Avia Makovsky, Yuval Shatz
Golden Shopping Arcade Italy Francesco Ricci Lotteringi
Tango Is Conscious! United States Maddie Wu
TALK United States Zishan Sun
Dolorem United States Matthew Mason
County lines: Grooming & Exploitation United Kingdom Adam King
The Past Taiwan Jin Hsueh
Things Left Unsaid Italy Daniele Catini
The Walk Germany Jonny Stern
Joggers United Kingdom Ajitpal Babbra
A Poem for Giselle, a Poem for a Peasant Germany Diana Mora, Camilo Correa Costa
Siren United Kingdom Corey White
My Dear Alora United Kingdom Shamini Kanthan
The Bridge (Final cut) United States Liesa Cole
Immature Retirement United States
TRIM United States Josiah Persad
Overdue United States
Dogma New Zealand Jayde Fairley
BARBARA United States Ben Li
Smile Mask China Yuanyuan Lu
Turn Off My Heart - Music Video Norway Bjørn Olav Edvardsen, Jostein Vedvik
I am Kanaka United Kingdom Genevieve Sulway
When Worlds Collide United Kingdom Genevieve Sulway
Déjà Vu United Kingdom Chris Gau
VAIDYARAAJ India Nilesh Laxmikant Deshpande
Reue - Regret Germany Duc Bao Bui
A Return Letter China Jinglei Shu
Pinokidoki Ireland Jack C.
Facing You China Ruoxi Wang, Zimo Yang, Siying Zhou
Mom told you so France Cécile Cournelle
Hey, Boy! Spain
Out of Time United States
Grandir Canada Amandine Garrido Gonzalez
Little White Lies United States Jisoo Kim
Raising Faith — Stories About Dyslexia United States
Algorithm Takedown United States Alex Budovsky
Latin Music The Documentary United States Akemi Giura, Gustavo Romero
Terror in Toulouse: Has the Community Recovered? United States
The Weight of the Badge United States John Marrs
Pyrocene United States Katelyn Downing
Juana and Felipe Spain