A stormy night. A lonely pianist (Andréia Nhur) shelters a mysterious wanderer (Paulo Betti), who believes himself to carry some sort of curse tied to the moon and the tragedies of humanity. Awarded best independent short at the Best Film Awards 2023 – Summer Edition – London/England and best short movie at the 11th Mumbai Internacional Indian Cine Film Fest-2023.

Director: Marcelo Domingues   |  Country of Origin:  Brazil   |    Runtime:  20 minutes

Gold In Them Hills

An homage to European film noir of the 20th century.

Director:  Jeremy Johnstone   |  Country of Origin:  United States   |   Runtime: 3 minutes 15 seconds


1880. A young woman named Rose is held captive in her own home because of her ties to a group of rebel women who operate against the founding fathers in this oppressive, fundamentalist society.

A former romance turned guard enters as another leaves. Rose pleads with him to help her, but he insists that she must obey her father and stay away from the women she’s been associating with. Feeling betrayed, Rose devises a new plan and convinces him to release her hands by pretending to repent for her actions. As she lures him in for a kiss, Rose snatches his blade and stabs him, leaving him for dead. With the bloodied weapon in hand, Rose escapes.

Director:  Jayde Fairley   |  Country of Origin:  New Zealand   |   Runtime: 3 minutes 40 seconds