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Small sample interview with Piere-Philippe Chevigny:

1. Your film REBEL has winner a in category Best Director Short Film. How was the film inspired?

I was interested in the recent rise of right-wing extremism in Quebec, which is the French part of Canada. Historically, Quebec has always been a very left-leaning province: in fact, it still is to this day the most left-wing state in North America. But for a few years now, we've seen a pretty constant drift towards the right, and we've also seen the arrival of multiple right-wing militia groups (like La Meute, Storm Alliance, Soldiers of Odin).
That whole phenomenon had been on the rise for nearly a decade now, but it exploded in 2017 when the US suspended the TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for migrants, which allowed them to live and work in the States while waiting for their refugee status to be confirmed. That created a migrant surge and from 2017 to 2020, an estimated 40 000 people fled the US to avoid deportation and crossed the border "illegally" into Quebec, literally by walking across. That, in turn, has ignited the fires of extremism, and these groups started becoming really active, doing patrols in multicultural neighborhoods, holding demonstrations in cities and at the border.
I was researching the topic when, the following day of a big demonstration in Quebec City, I saw an article by local newspaper La Presse that had the photo of a young boy holding a flag with La Meute's logo on it. I thought to myself: "that kid doesn't understand what the politics are behind all of this, he is just following his parents". I thought that would be an interesting starting point to tell a story.

2. Tell us about your background and when did you decide to become a filmmaker?

I grew up in a modest family, with a father that worked in the film industry. I was always interested in story telling, and as a student I was very involved politically. Filmmaking then kind of became the point where storytelling and politics met. I always knew I wanted to become a director, but my exact process came about in college.


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