Project Title Writers Country of Origin
The Ashen Veil Polina Komissarova United States
Pretty Boy Towing Company Kirk Ray Shannon-Butts United States
Fair Youth screenplay 2023 Lawrence Wells United States
You Should Not Of Come Here Charlie Oliver Ashton United Kingdom
A Minute of Silence United Kingdom
A NEED FOR SOMETHING NEW John T. Frederick United States
Willow Says Geoffrey Gould United States
Project Black Hungarian - 1-Page Film Pitch Alice N. York, Niall MacRoslin Germany
Heroes, Just For One Day (Breaking Thick Ice) Salvatore Riggio United States
Home Run Ball Andrew M.A. Spear Canada
Obsession Jason Andrew White United States
THE MEETING HOUSE Sophie Neville United Kingdom
Cup of tea Chung Dha Lam Netherlands
The Sky Would Open Ben Barnett United Kingdom
Don't Eat Paper! Julius John Galacki United States
Pippin and Lulu Linda M Federico-O'Murchu United States
The Adorables Michael Gavino Not Specified
Destiny's Jazz Bonnie Maxwell, albert maggio United States
Moments That Brought Us Here Casey Leigh Greer United States
Please Stand By David Michael Sutera Not Specified
Not Gauguin United States
RAGTIME WARRIOR James B. Saunders United States
THE FATED JD Wallace, Jennifer Donohue United States
Paps' Trace Cécile Vernant France
1000 - The Sword in the Stone series (Episode #1: The Druid, the Sword and the Raven) Guido Maria GIORDANO Italy
crossroad Yanta T Antoine United States
The Effects of Losing You United States
PRAYING MANTIS IN A JAR Rosalyn Rosen United States
The price of love William Dorian KANE Louis France
The Language of Wolves Nan Schmid United States
Don't Forget To Pay Kyle Marvin, Joshua Boshell United States
Mr. Shakespeare's Plays Christena Ann Alcorn United States
The Monumental Twins Of Magic Kit Wilson United States
The Last Peace Daniel Bodenmann Switzerland
The Deadline Mike Gallagher United States
It's A Fine Day Kent Flaagan United States
Quest for Light, Adventure of the Magi Byron E Anderson United States
Fields of Green Brian Jewell Australia
Powder Milk and Ice Cream Australia
Overwhelming Darkness Steven A Hart United Kingdom
Newbreed Steve Crandall, Joe Rosario United States
The Price of Freedom Sean O'Neil Canada
Hold You Tight JK JONES United States
Parousia Todd Sorrell United States
The Kernel Ukraine
A/Sexual Irene Marco, Markus Meedt United Kingdom
SINGLE GIRL'S GUIDE TO NARCISSISTS Diane Thomassin, Michael Miceli United States
Selling Off Harris W Freedman Italy
Serenity Republic Renee Rose United States
Randy Kyle Nielsen United States
Just Us Kids Stuart James Forrest United States
The Professionals Ronald McQueen, Ross McQueen United Kingdom
Whispers of Love Michelle Lynn United States
The Green Mill Michelle Lynn United States
Lucky in Long Island Michelle Lynn United States
The Way Through Ian Stout, Cecily Crow United States
Scorched Earth Gordon Roback Canada
12th Hour Painting Stephen Settimi United States
MUSIC WILL NEVER BE THE SAME . Panayotis Mathesis United States
Ravine Kevin Stuart Brodie United States
Race to the Sky United States
A Diamond in the Ruff's Daniel Joseph Broderick United States
Silent Music United States
LEVEL UP US Alex Bessa Portugal
Operation Sacred Cows Italy
City Lights Reflecting John Bullaro United States
LIMO GIRL LaMont Prospect United States
Perry RJ Watson United States
Scoot Joan Philo United States
Stocktonian Exchange - Kill Your Spirits Hannah Rose Vernot United States
Big Kidding Milana Rudinskaia Russian Federation
Funeral Shopping Stefania Aronica United Kingdom
Rime of the Ancient High Schooler Patrick Fasolis Italy
Isaac is Looking for a New Mother Walerian Domanski United States
The Mystery of the Never-Ending UNiverse United Kingdom
When The Mountain Calls Colombia
Black Sand Nathanial Dieter House United States
Bagel Dog Tracy L Swanson United States
Queen of Chantilly: A True Story of Skulduggery. Johanna Louise stanton United Kingdom
Neon Johnny Russell United States
Hollywood Adjacent Robert Franklin Godwin III United States
BLUE NOTES United Kingdom
The Ghost Listener Curtis Roy Worrall Netherlands
No Man's Land Tom Canning United Kingdom
Asmodeus Mary Noel Hoffmann United States
The Crook Collection Antonio Roberto Cruz United States
Saddled With United States
Intimacies: Pilot Gerald C Wood United States
"It's An Italian Thing. No, It's a Black Thing!" Fran Sisco United States
Star-Crossed Lovers Frank M Victoria United States
Pharaoh Dimitri Devyatkin United States
The Winged Avenger Walter Stewart United States
Magnificence & Stone Michael angel Johnson United States
Folie : Canvas Naveed Shahid Mir United Kingdom
Finding Gitana Not Specified
HOMESTEAD Jeffrey D Coe United States
The Little Death Jessica Christine Moncrief, Christopher Moses Shaibi Not Specified
Queer Cowfolk: The Gay Rodeo Musical Bear Kosik United States
A tribe, a priest and baseball United States
Sweet Inspiration David Hoser United Kingdom
Catacombs Eric Gerard Sollars, Michael David Sollars, Geoffrey Durand Sollars United States
A Bushranger's Curse Jeffrey Milne Australia
Lady of the Decades Andre Cadioli Gouvea Brazil
Coming Out Straight Frank Hernandez III United States
AUNT-JU Heino Heimann Germany
Back to Normal Maurits Jacobs Netherlands
The Wednesday Killer Janet Walker United States
Brussels Sprouts Jake D. Aupperle United States
Between the Salt and the Sky United States
One Rubbish Summer ALICE GREENLAND United Kingdom
Product of the System: The Kristopher Sharp Story Amanda Turner United States
Between Us Lana Young, Rachael Worthington United States
Survivor Ireland
The Search Sid Kramer United States
The White Diamond M. Howard Sewell United States
The Sun Never Sets in Happenstance Joe Territo United States