1. Where will the festival take place?

Each festival will have its own monthly screening. Every month we will produce a small brochure. In this brochure you will find specific monthly screened films. You can also find them on our website in the BEST FILM AWARDS section in the Monthly Screenings section. The annual festival will take place on December 29, 2021 in the prestigious and beautiful London Genesis Cinema, which was ranked among the TOP 25 best cinemas in London 2019.

2. What is the structure of the festival?

You send us your project. Within 72 hours, the jury will evaluate the project and send you a notification. 
The projects are divided into 4 categories:

- This means that your project was seen by a jury and your project can be the winner of the month!

- This means that your project did not qualify as the TOP 50.

- This means that your project was in the TOP 50 best projects of the month. There will be a mention of your film in the Finalist section on our website.

- Monthly winner of one or more categories. One of the monthly winners will become the Winner of the Monthly Festival. The best project of the month qualifies for the final Best Film Awards festival in London, 29th December 2021! At the same time, you have a chance to win the main prize of 5,000 USD! Your film is in a narrow selection in a monthly screening.

3. When will the results be published?

We always publish the results on the 30th day of the month on our website in the BEST FILM AWARDS section.

4. What is the main prize of the festival?

The average price of one application is $ 15. The main prize of the festival is a check worth $ 5,000 and an annual membership in our festival, which means that you will be entitled to work as our reviewer in one of the festivals.

5. The structure of the festival

7. Why does a trophy cost $ 250?

Production of the trophy begins in the Netherlands, where our supplier sends the goods to the Czech Republic, where the trophy is completed and the trophy is sent from the Czech Republic to you abroad.

8. I am the winner of a monthly competition or category. Where's my diploma?

You will find your diploma in the e-mail we sent you via FilmFreeway. In the e-mail you will find a link where you can edit your diploma.

9. I am a finalist / semi-finalist. Where is my diploma?

Finalists and semifinalists can buy their diploma and we will make it for them. Only winners have free diplomas.

10. Which films do we screen?

We screen only the best project from each festival each month.

11. Can I submit my project to IMDb?

You can submit your project on IMDb if you are the winner of an individual category. We do not submit projects to IMDb. The filmmakers do it themselves.