Here we will always publish the films that we will screen at a monthly screening!

Each festival will have its own monthly screening. Cinemas in the UK are closed until 17th May 2021. We believe that as soon as possible, we will screen your films in the beautiful surroundings of Genesis Cinema.

In this section we will publish photos from monthly screenings.

COVID situation:
We will organize the screenings of the winning films from the month of January 2021 and February 2021 after the opening of cinemas in the United Kingdom

Live Screening:
Anacronte -  Raúl Koler, Emiliano Sette
Yusef y Ramiro -  Bas van Est
Searching for The Real Sound -  Carl Eneroth
Mambo Man -  Mo Fini, Edesio Alejandro (short passage)
Hotel Limbo - Tina Adams (short passage)
Take A Trip -  Christos Karakasis
Sweet Sunshine -  Craig McMahon (short passage)
ELLIPSE - FELIXE -  Alexandre Richard
DAVID -  Zachary Woods
The First Outbreak -  Luis Galán, Ramón Campoamor, Haiyan Tan  (short passage)
Am Rande der Zeiten -  Silke Koidl  (short passage)
In Orbit -  Katie McNeice
Dorian feat Pimp Flaco: Dual -  Ch.Martínez
Stray Katana -  Rodrigo Preiss Maya
Boundless -  Sarah Thomas Moffat
Hide Your Love Away -  William Arthur Jenkins

Further informations will be published soon!